Karen's music has been described as jazz-infused vocals with a touch of 70's soul.  

Photography courtesy of Bob Hatcher.


  Linda Schettle Photography

 Linda Schettle Photography


Bring your parties to life with live local music. Create an unforgettable experience for all your guests with the vast musical repertoire & genres of Karen Thornton.  

 Bob Hatcher Photography

Bob Hatcher Photography


Click below for upcoming shows, dates & details!

  Linda Schettle Photography

 Linda Schettle Photography


As an active member of the community, Karen enjoys playing a number of local music & summer events. To book Karen for your next festival, contact her on the link above.

Early songwriting influences include many singer-songwriters from the 70's as well as the rich jazz voicings from traditional Big Band & Latin jazz.



Karen is a singer-songwriter who has been performing in the GTA for a number of years as a solo artist, as well as fronting her own jazz trio & singing with the Russ Little Band.

Karen started playing piano at 12 and by the age of 15 she was writing and performing in local coffee houses.  Her father was a part-time drummer and singer who’s repertoire included all of the Big Band favourites and crooners of the 40’s which greatly influenced  Karen’s musical styling and writing.

In 2014, her album, “Rain Down on Me” was nominated for a Hamilton Music Award for, “Jazz Recording of the Year,” Most recent release “Live at the Old Firehall,” was recorded in front of a live audience.

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 Bob Hatcher Photography

Bob Hatcher Photography

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 Linda Schettle Photography

Linda Schettle Photography

 Linda Schettle Photography

Linda Schettle Photography

 Linda Schettle Photography

Linda Schettle Photography

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Stay tuned for all the latest details on Karen's upcoming schedule!

For details on how you can book Karen to delight your guests & patrons, click here.  

 Bob Hatcher Photography

Bob Hatcher Photography


Upcoming Shows

06/28/18 • Hamilton Waterfront Concert Series

06/29/18  •  Olde School Restaurant

06/30/18  •  Olde School Restaurant

07/01/18  •  Waterdown O Canada Ribfest

07/01/18  •  Canada Day Spencer Smith Park Burlington Waterfront

07/20/18  •  West End Jazz Series Oakville

10/13/18  •  Olde School Restaurant

10/14/18  •  Olde School Sunday Brunch

02/11/19 • Brantford Downtown Jazz


Past Events

06/01/18  •  Olde School Restaurant

06/10/18  •  Jonathan’s Bistro

06/15/18  •  Private Event

06/16/18  •  Sound of Music Festival | Cogeco Stage Burlington | 7 PM

04/14/18  •  Jonathan’s Bistro

04/28/18  •  Carlisle Golf and Country Club

05/05/18  •  Olde School Restaurant

05/05/18  •  Sew Hungry Festival

05/26/18  •  Church of the Incarnation Jazz Series Oakville

03/16/18  •  Private Event

03/11/18  •  Olde School Restaurant Sunday Brunch

03/10/18  •  Olde School Restaurant

12/16/17  •  Private Open House Christmas Party

12/10/17  •  Olde School Restaurant Brantford

12/09/17  •  Private Christmas Party

12/03/17  •  Private Event

12/02/17  •  Wilson St Bar and Grill Ancaster

12/01/17  •  Oakville Jazz Church of the Incarnation

11/17/17  •  Private Party Ritz Carlton

10/27/17  •  Private Party

10/15/17  •  Olde School Restaurant

10/14/17  •  Private Function

10/13/17  •  Jonathan's Bistro

10/06/17  •  Olde School Restaurant Brantford

09/29/17  •  Private Party

08/26/17  •  Jonathan's Bistro Oakville

08/24/17  •  Music On The Waterfront

08/20/17  •  Dundas Cactus Festival

08/11/17  •  Old School House Brantford

07/26/17  •  Private Event Toronto

07/01/17  •  Waterdown Ribfest

06/24/17  •  Private Event Toronto

06/17/17  •  Jonathan's Bistro

04/09/17  •  Bands Against Child Cancer

01/22/17  •  Live Off The Floor Recording